St. Margaret's Staff Members
Office Hours:
10am-2pm Mon-Fri
Fax: 837-7970
Spiritual Advisors
Father Ben Speare-Hardy


Parish Administrator & Admin. Asst. to the Rector
Dianna Brigham
Music Director
Robert F. Stockton, III

Thora Holder
Barbara Scott
Lucille Scott
The Vestry is St Margaret's Episcopal Church's governing board, legally responsible for all matters of finance, property and maintenance within the parish, either directly or through the appointment of trustees. St Margaret's Vestry is comprised of the Rector, who normally presides at all meetings, and thirteen St Margaret's parishioners, three of whom are elected each year by the congregation and serve for three-year term. The Vestry selects its officers at its organizational meeting in February, just after the annual parish meeting. The officers and their duties are: the Senior Warden, who generally assist the Rector in overseeing the mission of the parish; the Junior Warden, who takes charge of property and maintenance concerns; the Treasurer, who supervises all matters of finance; and the Clerk of the Vestry, who records the minutes of each meeting. The Vestry meets on the fourth Saturday of each month. Except for when it chooses to go into executive session, all Vestry meetings are open to the congregation.
James Bolden Jr. - Senior Warden
Agnes George.. - Junior Warden
Joyce Stone - Church Treasurer
Barbara Hudson Banner - Clerk of Vestry

Judy Battle
Patricia Dungy
Marlene Eskridge
Thora Holder
Wanja Kimani
Raymond Lucas
Ellen McDaniel
Bea Ramsey
Karen Schuster-Webb
Michael Thompson
The Voice of St. Margaret's Newsletter
Phyllis Brunson, Editor


Brenda Cochran
Helen Moss
Father Benjamin Speare-Hardy II
Judy Wilson
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