Acolytes Acolytes, are school age children who are members of this Parish. The Trainees are versed and tested in text book knowledge and procedures in serving the several duties of Acolytes for each type of service used at St Margaret's Church they are trained in such a way that they can be comfortable serving with a visiting celebrant whose procedures during the Mass may vary from those practiced by our own Priest. Upon completion of the training. Acolytes trainees undergo a one hour vigil at the altar rail in the darkened church to meditate and pray shortly before their graduation.
Brotherhood of St. Andrews
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, 5301 Free Pike, Dayton, OH 45426

… is an international ministry of men within the Anglican Communion dedicated to bringing men and boys to Jesus Christ. It is the oldest evangelistic ministry of the Episcopal Church.

The Brotherhood was incorporated by an Act of the U.S. Congress signed on May 30, 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The act stated, “the sole object of said corporation shall be spread of God’s Kingdom among men.” 

Members are called Brothers Andrew and are required to accept and observe the Brotherhood disciplines of Prayer, Study, and Service. Brotherhood chapters usually meet once or twice per month in Episcopal and Anglican churches. A portion of each meeting is devoted to each of the disciplines of Prayer, Study, and Service. Any baptized Christian man may be a member of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

 St. Margaret’s chapter meets the second Sunday of each month at 9:00am with a breakfast meeting. All men and boys are invited to attend.


The Brotherhood of St. Andrews host a fish fry every first Friday of the month.

Eucharistic Ministers Chalice Bearers are licensed by the Diocese of Southern Ohio as Lay Eucharistic Ministers to assist the Priest in the administration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion during the Mass. Certain Lay Eucharistic Ministries are also authorize to administer the Sacraments to sick and shut-in parishioners with the specific permission of the Priest. The Chalice Bearers have been trained to perform the duties of Acolytes to further assist the Priest during the Mass
Choir St. Margaret Episcopal Church Choir has fourteen dedicated and active members. There are four inactive members. Some are ill; others are serving in other capacities to the Church. However they are always ready to serve the Choir and fill in when necessary and if they are able.

The Choir gets a day of appreciation.

Daughters of the King

Purpose of the Order - “The object of this order shall be the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service, and Evangelism...”

Who we are - The Daughters of the King is an Order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, or churches in communion with it, or churches who are in the Historic Episcopate. Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. By reaffirmation of the promises made at Confirmation, a Daughter pledges herself to a life-long program of prayer, service, and evangelism, dedicated to the spread of Christ’s Kingdom and the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish.

 The Motto of the Order

For His Sake…
 I am but one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do.
Lord, what will you have me do.

Episcopal Church Women

Who We Are - We are Episcopal Church Women of all ages, ethnic origins and socioeconomic backgrounds who hold a variety of views. However, the common denominator of our members is love of God and the wish to do His work.

Mission & Vision

- Centered in congregations, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) empowers women to do Christ's ministry in the world.

Vision - Our vision for all women of the Episcopal Church is that we become a vibrant blend of all ages, coming together as a peacemaking, healing part of the Church. We aspire to be a Godspark-shining and sharing the love

Role - The Role of the National Board of ECW is to:

1.  Model and share best practice in Communication, programming, leadership, and governance
2.  Develop, support, and inspire leaders at all levels: local; diocesan; provincial; national
3.  Represent and build support for ECW in the wider church and the world.

(Adopted by the 2006-2009 ECW National Board during the March 11-17, 2007 meeting of Christ.)

Meetings 2nd Sunday at 9:30AM
Greeter Ministry To help St. Margaret's Episcopal Church attract, welcome and retain new members. To help make our Parish a warm, welcoming Church by greeting all who attend the Sunday or other Liturgies.